Tanmay Bakshi

Closing Event: Recognize yourself to choose well

This upcoming Tuesday, March 29th, we will close the first version of Recognize yourself to choose well, a space that opens up the Professional Road Map experience, which has allowed high school students to recognize, by means of some experts, the different areas of knowledge and their fields of action. For this closure, we will have the support of Tanmay Bakshi, a young Canadian programmer who will tell us about his experience in the world of Software Development, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

The conversation will be moderated by Isabella García and Camilo Franco, 11th graders of our school. These students have a keen interest in technology and they are willing to learn from this great guest.

We hope that the whole school community can participate in this event: https://www.youtube.com/c/tanmaybakshiteaches 

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