The time has come to recall the memories that have left an indelible mark on our hearts!

It was #MDEChallenge 💙

We have embraced new cultures, received unwavering support from thematic experts and social leaders, and shared laughter and knowledge that transcended borders 🌎🙌

Together, we are building a better future for all! 🚀✅

We are sharing the special moments that have transformed us, inspired us, and filled us with joy 😍😍

Get ready to witness the power of international cooperation and the transformative impact of the #MDEChallenge

Our international teams and Student Commission!

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Welcome to Medellín Challenge

Within the framework of the 55 years of the San José de Las Vegas Corporation, which will be celebrated 2023, we will hold the Medellín Challenge. This event, aims to connect students from local, national and international institutions through the resolution of real challenges that impact different communities.

Why Medellín Challenge?

Medellín: a city that opens its doors to the world. We invite you to get to know our city and to work collaboratively to solve real challenges in our community. We believe in the power of young people’s ideas and in their leadership to make them a reality. Come, let’s learn together and be part of the change!

We have defined the SDGs that allow us to pose three challenges:

Reto 1 MDE Challenge

How to generate sustainable alternatives that allow equitable access to public services in commune 14 in the city of Medellín.

Reto 2 MDE Challenge

How to generate strategies or tools that promote food sovereignty in commune 13 in the city of Medellín.

Reto 3 MDE challenge

What strategies or tools can be implemented to reduce the school dropout rate of children from strata 1 and 2 in commune 4 in the city of Medellín?

Learn about the communes

How are we doing it?

We are carring out the event with the STEAM+H approach through the Design for change methodology, since it will allow us to guide the solution of challenges associated with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a collaborative way. Here, the answer, is not in charge of one, we all build it!

STEAM+H is a new way of learning that seeks to form global citizens that contribute to the solution of a sustainable world. Science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics and humanities are a route to achieve this purpose.

Design for Change is an active methodology derived from Design Thinking whose purpose, through the steps: feel, imagine, do and share, is to empower young people to lead initiatives that solve community problems and, in turn, develop global skills such as empathy, collaborative work, communication and critical thinking.

Our guests

Local Schools


  • Colombo Británico School

  • Benedictino School

  • Montessori School

  • Pinares School

  • Cumbres School

  • INEM José Félix de Restrepo School

  • Marymount School

  • UPB School

  • Conquistadores School

  • La Enseñanza School

  • Comfenalco School

  • San José de las Vegas  Corporation School

International Schools


  • Champal School – México

  • Qatar Waqra

  • SEK School El Castillo

  • Purdue Polytechnic High School

  • Jaipuria School – India

Online experiences


And this is how we are living it!

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Thematic experts


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